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The machines are now operating in three different RDF-production-plants.

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The hot summer by SatrindTech: three new shredding solutions for RDF production plants delivered all over the world

The 2017 summer season at SatrindTech has been really, really hot.

During the summer months, we completed production and delivered three machines addressed to three major projects in the waste business: two units of two-shaft shredders and one unit of three-shaft shredder. The machines are now operating in three different RDF-production-plants.

The first of the two-shaft shredder, delivered to a treatment plant in Colombia, has been a 50hp shredder, model K 13/50/M, equipped with our patented mechanical /M/AWG drive system.

This system (LINK) permits the customer to benefit of a fully electric machine (savings in maintenance operations costs and energy costs) with modes and behaviors comparable to a hydraulic system. The shredder was in fact commissioned to SatrindTech for the volumetric reduction of auto tyres and debeaded truck tyres.

The second two-shaft shredder, produced and delivered during mid-summer, is a model 2R 15/150 (at 150hp), that has been ordered by our customer for a bulky waste treatment plant in Poland.

The third machine delivered has been a three-shaft shredder at 200hp, model 3Rv15/200, which is now working 24// in a Chinese treatment plant processing fabric, textile and hazardous materials, suitable for RDF production.

For any additional information you may all have about the technical solutions we can offer you, please contact our Sales Office at +39 02 9037 6683 or email at

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Pilot line for CDR production, new 3-shaft shredder inside a the plant for sterilization and set up of a new RDF production line

New bale opener K13/50T delivered to Hungary

Our customer, an Hungarian cement factory, received the SatrindTech bale opener model K13/50T, able to process approximately 5 t/h. and integrated it inside a pilot line for CDR production.

The scope of the supply is the opening of arrival bales to permit the eventual metal selection.

New 3R13 shredder / 75ER inside a the plant for sterilization

It was installed and put into operation the new 3R13 shredder / 75ER inside a the plant for sterilization.
Set up thanks to a collaboration with a customer of SatrindTech, the system, designed for the shredding and sterilization of medical waste, has a throughput of 1000 kg/h.
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Set up of a new RDF production line

SatrindTech has just set up a new RDF treatment line at a customer ‘s plant located in the Piemonte region (north west of Italy).

The customer decided to improve the two existing waste treatment lines, active since 2004 and each one composed by a SatrindTech 2R15/150 shredder, a rotating screen used for selecting organic waste and an horizontal press, by adding a new SatrindTech 2R15/150 shredder to the system.

Thanks to this new equipment, a part of the material coming out from the rotating screens will be now treated by the new SatrindTech 2R15/150CL shredder in order to get RDF. The machine, equipped with screens, allows a throughput of 4 tons/h and obtains a final particle size of aprox 80 mm.

The choice of a two-shafts shredder instead of a traditional single-shaft shredder (available in the SatrindTech) has been taken in order to keep the maintenance costs as low as possible, also considering the low t/h loading rates required.

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