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From a 1 m3 cubitainer to 50mm chips, using a two-shaft shredder? With SatrindTech, “sí, es posible!”

A Spanish manufacturer of HPDE cubitainers and containers based in Cataluña has chosen SatrindTech to implement its recycling line of defective cubitainers.

The request received by our Sales Department was to replace an existing SatrindTech twin-shaft shredder, in use since the mid-1990s, to now be able to ensure a regular size of the shredded material.

The cubitainers are HDPE containers of approximately 1 cubic meter of volume that, inserted in a metal cage, are used in a wide variety of industrial sectors (oil+gas, food, medical and chemical sector, just to name a few) stocking and handling liquids or juicy materials.

The model purchased by the customer is a two-shaft shredder of the K 25 HP series equipped with 50mm blades at four picks (/hooks), a 1000 mm shredding chamber and completed with our patented CL system.

This counterblade system, patented by SatrindTech, enables conversion of a dual-shaft shredder model, with which it is normally only possible to perform volumetric, and therefore irregular,  reduction of the processed material in a machine capable of shredding materials with a pre-defined size.

A fixed counterblade located under the blades, together with grilles under the shredding chamber of the machine, allow a continuous process of material shredding so that it can be expelled from below upon reaching the required size.

Cubitainers are a type of material for which it is advisable to use a special hopper, called angular, so that material, with its typical cubic shape, can slide inside the machine at an angle of 45° from the centre distance of the blades, thus facilitating gripping by the blades.

The configuration selected by our customer will allow them to process one cubitainer per minute, obtaining a final size of the product being processed of approximately 50 x 50 mm.

Further information on the CL system is available by downloading the relevant technical data sheet here. Use this link to watch the example video.

For any other request for free quotes of our industrial shredding solutions, please contact our Sales Department by writing to or by calling the number +39 (02) 9037 6683.

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Our shredding solutions speak American

Our client is an American multinational corporation in the plastic sector with offices and production plants in 23 countries and over 35,000 employees.

The client’s need to improve its performance in recycling material waste, whereby they currently only use one material granulator, led SatrindTech to suggest using two twin lines to handle plastic material in PPE. One line will be used to reduce the volume of sprues, while the other will be used to process waste from the plant’s extrusion line.

The engineering of the line consists of three elements: an automatic hoist tilter, a dual shaft shredder (model: K 8/25) and a transport belt placed after the shredder to transport the shredded material to the mill.

The process provides a total automation of the process for the cargo and discharge of material, whereby cargo is carried out by placing the material cargo into the hoist tilter which will lift and carry the material into the hopper. Once the material has been shredded in the shredding room, it will be transferred to the mill using the transport belt. The whole process cycle is managed by a PLC Siemens control panel.

While this solution is in itself a solution that has already been tried and tested during SatrindTech’s history, its uniqueness lies in the fact that the main electrical panel that governs the plant was designed and uses components in accordance with UL 508 / NPFA 79. Therefore, the electrical panel had to be completely redesigned, in keeping with IEC standards, for the use of components that respected the UL standards, as the on-board wiring had to reflect the similar requirements. All of the electrical cables had to be reviewed and replaced in keeping with European standard supplies.

In essence, this legislation regulates the provision of equipment and instructs the technical characteristics which the machine(s) must possess for the United States. Where the certification, in accordance with these regulations, is a contractual requirement, the SatrindTech and its Engineering are able to satisfy any such problematic requests.

E-mail us at or ring us up on +39 02 9037 6683: we will be more than willing to respond to your enquiries and assist you with our shredding solutions.

2 shaft shredder with a special transmission

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SatrindTech presents the innovative industrial shredder drive system with automatic transmission and frequency inverter

This system combines the automatic adjustment capabilities of torque and the typical speed of a hydraulic drive, with the advantages of an electric drive. These are the main features:

Productivity – For the same amount of torque developed, the mechanical automatic transmission ensures a higher rotation speed, and thus an increase in productivity compared to a hydraulic system of the same power. The variable-frequency drive allows an additional increase in productivity when the process does not require the maximum drive torque.

Compactness – It is a plug-in system on the shredder, available also as a retrofit for existing shredders. No more hydraulic power-packs and oil piping lines.

Noise level – The level of noise emissions is that of an electric machine, significantly lower than the noise emitted by hydraulic drive systems.

Maintenance – Drastic reduction of routine maintenance costs (filters and oil in control unit) and significant reduction of extraordinary maintenance costs (hydraulic valves, pumps and motors).

Our Sales and Marketing Service is on hand to provide you with any technical information you may require and to put forward our solutions for shredding material.

For all requests, contact us at +39 02 9037 6683 or write to us by sending an email to

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2 shaft used shredder F 1315

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F 1315 reconditioned industrial shredder available now!

We have available a reconditioned F15HP series mod. F 1315 with shaft central supports. Equipped with a 11 kW electric motor, blades mix 1 high hook and radial hook, coupled, 24 mm thickness. Shredding chamber: 1,268 x 620 mm.

Recommended for light applications such as wood, plastic panels, automotive components. Not for heavy applications for example paper or tyres.

For any further information please contact our Sales Department.


Why buy a 2 shaft shredder with CL system ?

To obtain a controlled and reduced size in the shredding process can be used two ways:

  • a primary 2 shaft shredder coupled with a secondary shredder
  • a 3 or 4 shaft shredder with selection grid

In the first case, you may have a high capacity and a very controlled size, but is necessary to consider the price of two shredders. In the second case the flow is reduced to the advantage of size and in any case it is necessary to evaluate the cost of a 3 shaft shredder.

SatrindTech provides a solution that allows to combine the controlled size content with the lower cost of a 2 shaft shredder, without the need for a secondary passage: the patented CL System (system to counter-blades).

The principle of operation is based on a special cleaning sector front blade that accompanies and forces the material towards the grid below the blade. The material will be ejected from the shredding chamber with a width defined by the thickness of the blade and the width of the hole grid. Are possible combinations of the thickness of the blade and the shape of the hole grid, which affect flow rate and size in a different way.

The CL System is suitable particularly on materials such as plastic, including automotive components, metal containers and chip-ferrous metals, pharmaceutical and hospital waste, textile waste. Watch the video !

The CL System is applicable to our shredders with increasing powers from 10 to 300 HP.

Leave a comment or contact our Sales Department for any further information about 2 shaft shredder with CL System

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2 shaft shredders CL system

Is on line our Google Adwords campaign about 2 shaft shredders redirected to a new landing page. CL System (Counter blades size selection system), is a unique technology within the shredder market that guarantees a small and uniform shred size from a 2 shaft shredder.
The CL System, which can be retro-fitted to all existing SatrindTech 2 shaft shredder models, is able to guarantee the output material size in the same way as 3 or 4 shaft solutions fitted with selection screens.
The uniformly sized material is suitable for incinerators, washing systems and separation systems.