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RWM Exhibition - SatrindTech Srl

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SatrindTech at RWM Exhibition

We are pleased to invite you at the coming RWM exhibition, taking place in Birmingham from 13th to 15 September 2016, where we will provide you with a comprehensive outlook of our shredding solutions #foracleanerworld.
For further information about the event and complimentary free tickets, please register at
The Sales team of SatrindTech Srl will welcome you at booth 5P144, Hall 5.
See you at RWM!

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A new communication opportunity

There is no doubt that the web offers a whole range of new communication strategies to marketing offices and in general to all organisations, that were previously unimaginable. The pervasiveness it has reached makes it possible to reach a tremendous amount of “readers” and at the same time, to customise advertising campaigns to reach only a specific target of users, based on the profiling of certain characteristics: age, gender, occupation and location, just to name a few.

As such, the web provides an opportunity both to be found and to convey information and content. Organisations in this sense must become their own publishers, promoting high-quality commercial and technical content.

#foracleanerworld – what is it?

#foracleanerworld is the hashtag of SatrindTech™, a leading brand among manufacturers of industrial shredders and providers of shredding solutions for various kinds of industrial waste developed by SatrindTech Srl.

A hashtag in the web world, as Wikipedia defines it, is a label that groups a host of thematic contents, in order to facilitate their search. Our hashtag is inspired by our advertising claim: “Shredding solutions for a cleaner world” that has been our slogan for several years now and that is featured in all our social banners, our trade shows and commercials.

Why #foracleanerworld

We have condensed our slogan in a hashtag for several reasons. The first is probably the most mundane, not because everyone is doing it, but because simply put, in the web world it is key to get users to find you and the use of hashtags makes that easier. Another reason lies in condensing our slogan in a new format that is best suited to the web, but also in a more concise form that retains its original message addressed to the environment.

SatrindTech Srl is a manufacturing company that specialises in the study and development of shredding solutions for industrial waste. Today more than ever, environmental protection and sustainability are no longer simple advertising slogans, but they are topics that land on the front page of newspapers. The fact that they represent also a business does not diminish their importance, but rather can be a springboard that amplifies their application. That’s why we introduced the hashtag #foracleanerworld.

A new visual claim

To emphasise this transition even further, the hashtag #foracleanerworld also includes a new visual claim. The butterfly represents transformation: just as the cocoon spawns new life, waste creates raw materials that can be reused in new contexts.

About us

SatrindTech Srl has extensive experience as a manufacturer of industrial shredders, in the versions from one to 4 shafts, with electric and hydraulic power. Equally important is its ability to provide waste treatment engineering to its customers for shredding solutions, including shredders, but also systems for the feeding and unloading of materials, including toxic-harmful materials and in environments with an explosion hazard, as well as structural metalworks and removable containers designed specifically to cater to the needs of our customers.

SatrindTech Srl also provides an efficient Customer Service that can assist customers in Italy and abroad in both the replacement of spare parts and routine and special maintenance on all our products.

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Shredding of end-of-life tyres (ELTs)

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Shredding of end-of-life tyres (ELTs): a “black gold mine” ready for being exploited

Problems can’t be solved by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them” (Albert Einstein).

The 2014 report by the ETRMA (European Tyre and Rubber Manufactures’ Association Sustainable Development Foundation) shows that only considering consumer, light truck, truck, motorcycle and agriculture tyres, in 2012 Germany, UK, France, Italy and Spain had been able to generate 3,42 Mt of End-of-Life tyres.
If in 1996 these countries were used to landfill almost the 50% of the material, while only 20% was used for RDF production and 10% as material recover, 15 years later the first figure has dropped to 5%, the second and the third increased up to 37% and 39%.
An American report says that, on a worldwide base, the figure to be considered including OTR and mining tyres is 1 Bt per year.

What to do with such material? Can we call them a black gold mine?
In addition the undoubted benefits to the environment (recovering of space in landfills, no soil pollution, energy cost savings), treating the ELTs means to use them for producing different recycled tyre materials (RTMs), such as:

• Refure Derived Fuel (RDF) and Specific Recovered Fuel (SRF) to be used in cement plants, steelmakers and energy plants;
• rubbercrate (alternative concrete mixed with rubber) and rubberized asphalt;
• anti-shock flooring for child parks;
• outdoor and indoor sports and leasure flooring production;
• animal farms anti-shock flooring;
• urban decoration (parking areas, road and parking furniture, benches, paths, barriers, etc);

Each one of these applications requires a proper size of the throughput: from 100x100mm chips for RDF to Different sizes also mean different plant set-ups: from a simple set of conveyor(s) and hydraulic 2 shaft and 3 shaft shredder(s) if we only want to get a size of 100x100mm/50x50mm or 20x20mm to a more complex set-up (involving more than three shredding steps) in order to get

SatrindTech has a quite large and proved history as a shredders manufacturer of 2 and 3 shafts hydraulic shredders and treatment lines for car- and truck- ELTs, either stationary and/or on a mobile unit. This video shows an example.
The demand for shredding OTR tyres has recently increased worldwide, especially from those countries where the mining business has a crucial role in their economies (South Africa, Chile, Peru, Colombia just for making some examples).

SatrindTech is able to offer comprehensive shredding solutions that could now include also OTR tyres.
Just to make an example, a typical plant for obtaining 50x50mm chips with a throughput of 7 t/h is composed by feeding and discharging conveyor belts, a high torque hydraulic shredder and a disc screen for the selection of the material with the suitable size.
In order to process OTR tyres in the same plant (previously used only for car and truck tyres), SatrindTech can now offer a debeader and a shear, which will be used before the first step of the shredding process. These machines are necessary for removing the beads from the truck and from the OTR tyres and for the size reduction of the last ones so they can be processed with our existing line.
Removing the beads from the tyres means to cut the maintenance costs on the equipment that follow in the line on the long term.

For any additional information about our customized solutions for ELTs treatment, please feel free to email us at or to call our Sales staff at +39 02 9037 6683.

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2 shaft used shredder F 1315

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F 1315 reconditioned industrial shredder available now!

We have available a reconditioned F15HP series mod. F 1315 with shaft central supports. Equipped with a 11 kW electric motor, blades mix 1 high hook and radial hook, coupled, 24 mm thickness. Shredding chamber: 1,268 x 620 mm.

Recommended for light applications such as wood, plastic panels, automotive components. Not for heavy applications for example paper or tyres.

For any further information please contact our Sales Department.

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The shredding of hospital and medical waste

Waste produced in hospitals is a type of waste considered special or dangerous, as the material is composed of different elements: biological and anatomical components, single use items deriving from surgical treatment, material used by healthcare personnel such as shirts, caps and masks, bandages, medicines used by patients, single-use glass and plastic containers used for extracting and storing human elements and slightly radioactive waste.

SatrindTech, with thirty years’ experience in proposing applicative solutions for industrial shredding and waste recycling processes can offer various solutions associated with the shredding of hospital waste. One of the most suitable shredders for this purpose is the 15 hp model (available in the F 515, F615, F1015 and F1315 versions).

Last January, we supplied one of our Italian customers with a system for shredding and separating solid and liquid waste from hospitals and pharmacies (such as rigid and semi-rigid containers, bags containing liquids) or excess production from the cosmetics industry (for which there is a need to avoid the circulation of such products in parallel, uncontrolled markets).

The solution that the customer accepted was made up of the following elements:

  • a material loading belt for the shredder with a rubber mat equipped with dividers to stop cylindrical items rolling away;
  • an F 615/2P model shredder with a set of 30 mm blades with 4 jaws, equipped with additional bulkheads to protect the drive train bearings from any liquid infiltrating from the shredding chamber;
  • a stainless steel Archimedean screw fitted to the base of the shredding chamber underneath;
  • a stainless steel collection tank underneath the screw.

Once shredded, the material is fed onto the screw, which separates liquids from solids. The liquid element is discharged into the relevant container, whereas the solid parts are carried by the screw into another vessel.

As containers containing creamy liquids can also be treated, the screw has a cleaning system which can dilute any creamy contents, assisting with the discharge into the container, avoiding accumulation in the screw, which would otherwise become blocked.

The system can treat 500 kg per hour. The shredded waste in this case is destined for disposal, as it is mostly plastic, however it is “polluted” by the presence of paper, as the material had labels on it from the start. This video demonstrates the operation.

For more information regarding this solution, or for any other requirements, you can contact our sales team using the address or by telephone +39 02 9037 6683.

SatrindTech manuals

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Instruction manuals: what’s new in the SatrindTech manuals

We’d like to point out a few changes to the organisation of our machines’ Instruction and Assembly Manuals as compared to older versions. Some of these have already been implemented and others are being introduced:

  • First of all, last year we stopped preparing our manuals with Adobe Framemaker, switching to the more practical Microsoft Word; this has enabled more practical file management in cases where the manual needs to be translated by one of our Partners, which in the past often created inefficiencies and problems when handing over the file.
  • In regards to the control panel commands, in Chapter 6 we are now inserting an image of the supplied electrical panel alongside the table of commands and warning lights, mapping the table with the commands effectively on the control panel.
  • In the next hydraulic-driven shredder manuals, we will also include an attachment with a flow-chart of the machine start-up sequence so as to improve the clarity of machine start-up instructions contained in Chapter 6; the above flow-chart will be inserted only for hydraulic machines as these are generally more complex, but also for electric-driven shredders equipped with control panels deemed to be more complicated than standard ones.
  • From now on the warranty certificate will be included in the attachments of translated manuals, as is already the case for Italian versions.
  • In cases where Assembly Instructions are included (or a Declaration of Incorporation), we have inserted a specific chapter relative to the mandatory safety measures (EHSR) that have either not been applied or only partly satisfied, with reference to Directive 2006/42/CE; the table will include information on the mandatory EHSR measures applicable to the partly completed machinery, but which have not been applied or only partly satisfied; the person standing in for the manufacturer for the purpose of obtaining the CE marking (agent or installer) must consider all the measures that need to be implemented in order to interface the partly completed machinery with the final machine.
  • Once again in cases where Assembly Instructions are supplied, these can be delivered directly in the English language; Instruction Manuals on the other hand must be delivered in the EU language of the country of installation, accompanied by the original manual in the source language, whether Italian or English; for this reason our manuals in EU languages bear the writing “Original instructions in Italian” (or English) on the first page.
  • Starting from September 2015, a personal download area will be available to each Partner. From this area it will be possible to download PDF versions of current and future manuals from the above date onwards; a message tells the user when the PDF is ready for download; the objective is to speed up release times and at the same time reduce printing and postage costs.
  • We are evaluating the feasibility of creating a reserved “Guest” area on our web page containing PDF facsimiles of manuals for the most important shredder models. These would be published not only in Italian, but also in English and Spanish to speed up the response time to clients wishing to view the manual during the initial negotiation phase.

This article can be downloaded in PDF from this link. As always, our Sales Department is available to provide assistance on all your industrial waste treatment needs.