Shredder, crusher, grinder, shredding plant – SatrindTech Srl

Shredders, crushers and shredding plant for waste recycling

About us

SatrindTech: a dynamic reality in the industrial shredders and crushers production

SatrindTech designs, manufactures and installs industrial shredders and cruhers and is able to offer solutions specially designed to solve any problem related to the shredding many different types of materials for recycling and / or treatment and disposal of waste.

SatrindTech completes its offer with the Customer Service in order to provide its customers with technical support ordinary and extraordinary of all installed, who also provides help-desk and spares throughout the life cycle of the product.

The production of SatrindTech including 1 shaft shredders, grinders and crushers, 2 shaft shredders, 3 and / or 4 shaft shredders, with electric and hydraulic motor depending by the family or design characteristics and its intended use.

The strengths that distinguish our company are:

  •  the study of solutions to solve all your needs related to shredding; this allows our company to offer a wide range of applications from which they can develop new models of shredders and customized solutions for our clients;
  •  a consolidated supplier base that facilitates the supply and allows the assembly of all internal shredders and crushers with accurate technical specifications and quality control, until the end of line test and then start up at the customer site;
  •  directly installation by qualified technician with consolidated experience and skills as well as technical assistance; this allow the company to better manage the post-sale.

Shredders and crushers SatrindTech differ in their structural characteristics and this makes the product most robust in the market.

The use of cast iron for gear boxes such as the shoulders and flanges are a distinctive feature of production as are the shafts and the gears of the transmission but most are made of special steel blades, the heart of the shredder, to be the true value added.

SatrindTech designs inside and it carried all the blades of their shredders according to construction specifications and accurate processing of batch whose parameters are kept strictly under control, thanks to the advanced heat treatment equipment.

All this ensures a high quality to the advantage of the customer.

No less important is the electronic control of the driving of the shredder that allows the optimization of the shredding cycle in function of the treated material, as well as gearboxes and hydraulic components of great brand.

The customer service completes the services offered.

It is precisely in times of need by our customers in Italy and abroad, know that they can refer to a qualified service assistance managed by the company, without intermediaries.

Technical assistance is able to operate directly at the customer’s site with its own means to solve the customer’s problem and restore the full functionality of the machine.

Where this is not possible SatrindTech performs ordinary and extraordinary maintenance directly at its headquarters, always with the use of original spare parts of course.

The organization of the SatrindTech is certified, since its founding, ISO 9001: 2008 by SGS. Therefore, quality is in his DNA and this allows not only to keep under constant review all business processes according to the dictates of the rule, but also to pursue the continuous improvement of both the system and its products to the advantage of customer satisfaction .

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