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Instruction manuals: what’s new in the SatrindTech manuals

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We’d like to point out a few changes to the organisation of our machines’ Instruction and Assembly Manuals as compared to older versions. Some of these have already been implemented and others are being introduced:

  • First of all, last year we stopped preparing our manuals with Adobe Framemaker, switching to the more practical Microsoft Word; this has enabled more practical file management in cases where the manual needs to be translated by one of our Partners, which in the past often created inefficiencies and problems when handing over the file.
  • In regards to the control panel commands, in Chapter 6 we are now inserting an image of the supplied electrical panel alongside the table of commands and warning lights, mapping the table with the commands effectively on the control panel.
  • In the next hydraulic-driven shredder manuals, we will also include an attachment with a flow-chart of the machine start-up sequence so as to improve the clarity of machine start-up instructions contained in Chapter 6; the above flow-chart will be inserted only for hydraulic machines as these are generally more complex, but also for electric-driven shredders equipped with control panels deemed to be more complicated than standard ones.
  • From now on the warranty certificate will be included in the attachments of translated manuals, as is already the case for Italian versions.
  • In cases where Assembly Instructions are included (or a Declaration of Incorporation), we have inserted a specific chapter relative to the mandatory safety measures (EHSR) that have either not been applied or only partly satisfied, with reference to Directive 2006/42/CE; the table will include information on the mandatory EHSR measures applicable to the partly completed machinery, but which have not been applied or only partly satisfied; the person standing in for the manufacturer for the purpose of obtaining the CE marking (agent or installer) must consider all the measures that need to be implemented in order to interface the partly completed machinery with the final machine.
  • Once again in cases where Assembly Instructions are supplied, these can be delivered directly in the English language; Instruction Manuals on the other hand must be delivered in the EU language of the country of installation, accompanied by the original manual in the source language, whether Italian or English; for this reason our manuals in EU languages bear the writing “Original instructions in Italian” (or English) on the first page.
  • Starting from September 2015, a personal download area will be available to each Partner. From this area it will be possible to download PDF versions of current and future manuals from the above date onwards; a message tells the user when the PDF is ready for download; the objective is to speed up release times and at the same time reduce printing and postage costs.
  • We are evaluating the feasibility of creating a reserved “Guest” area on our web page containing PDF facsimiles of manuals for the most important shredder models. These would be published not only in Italian, but also in English and Spanish to speed up the response time to clients wishing to view the manual during the initial negotiation phase.

This article can be downloaded in PDF from this link. As always, our Sales Department is available to provide assistance on all your industrial waste treatment needs.

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Design, production, installation and servicing of industrial shredders, grinders, crushers and waste treatment and recycling plants.

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