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Instructions for the application of the Machinery Directive to industrial shredders (Directive 2006/42/EC)

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Machinery sold or put into service starting 29 December 2009 must comply with the new Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

Among the changes, there is a higher documentary charge for incomplete machinery, those for which the applicability of the directive is waived due to the impossibility to comply with the requisites at the time of entry onto the market; moreover, stricter limits for the applicability of such waiver are defined.

Pursuant to the Directive complete machinery, to mark CE, is defined machinery, while machinery that is incomplete to the point as to not comply with the safety requisites at the time of sale are defined partly completed machinery.

For the partly completed machinery the documentation to be enclosed changes substantially compared to the incomplete machinery pursuant to the old directive.

Therefore, a technical summary table has been prepared only for our Partners, in order to provide criteria to distinguish the predictable types of our supplies of machinery and partly completed machinery, this because the documentation obligations and charges are different depending on this classification.

Often the needs of a customer results in the definition of an ambiguously defined supply, in these cases it is advisable to modify the content in order to resolve the ambiguity and highlight in the contract the classification agreed to in order to avoid subsequent disputes relevant to the documentation provided.

Our Partners may require technical table No. INF1084 directly to

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