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What is the quality ?

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The term quality is undoubtedly abused and used in many forms. But what is quality and how can we measure it? From a technical point of view and regulatory the quality of a product or a service is its ability to meet the requirements, generally by the customer. The requirements may be explicit or implicit. They are explicit when formally declared in the contract or in the technical specifications. They are implicit when expected, but not directly expressed by the customer. For example, there is no need to declare and expressly require that a car must have four wheels. Instead about the spare wheel,  their own expectations should be defined, considering in modern cars the presence of inflation kit in place of the spare wheel. Then there is a third category of mandatory requirements defined, that references to the laws and regulations to which the product and / or service offered must submit.

With these premises we go back to the original question. How do we measure the quality against the requirements expected? Please note that the sum of the requirements and conditions, affect the development of the product and service supply, turning into multiple aspects and technical performance. The technical aspects too are governed by national and international technical standards and the laws and directives, such as the known Machinery Directive 42/2006 EC for products placed on the European market.

Then the system, to monitor the application of the requirements, will have to check the product in two ways:

  • internally to the organization during the development phase of the product and its construction, through appropriate controls and tests
  • externally in the release phase of the product to the customer site in order to assess the performance of the product are those defined by the requirements and thus meet the expectations of the client, the validation

All checks, final tests and trials will refer to acceptability parameters to define the conformity or not of the product to a specific designing or building phase.

There are several documents that accompany the process of evaluating the requirements and that we can formalize in copy to the customer:

  • technical audits and reviews of the design
  • checks incoming materials
  • checklist of production and assembly
  • checklist product intermediate test and final test
  • factory acceptance test (FAT)
  • inspection test plan (ITS)
  • quality plans on job
  • quality control plans on products
  • certificate of conformity (part of those countries that require verification of compliance – VOC)

Measuring quality is therefore possible and SatrindTech is committed to do so for each delivery, to ensure the highest possible quality to its customers and that’s why your system meets the requirements of international quality standard ISO 9001: 2008.

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Design, production, installation and servicing of industrial shredders, grinders, crushers and waste treatment and recycling plants.

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