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Satrindtech new range of single shaft shredders

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SatrindTech increases its product range with the new single shaft shredders: capacities from 11 to 250 kW, electric motors, hydraulic ram allowing the approach of the material to the rotor and interchangeable screens, those among the main characteristics.

Moreover, all the rotors are provided with plates of special steel, with different sizes to be defined according to the type of work, and singularly removable without disassembling the rotor for an easier maintenance. A PLC installed into the electric switchboard, with the purpose to better control the shredding cycle, completes the equipment.

These shredders are suitable for the treatment of several materials and waste such as RDF, MSW, plastic, wood, rubber, drums, IBCS, paper and pallets (see the video of some shredding trials)

The main models  are:

1K28: compact dimension;  electric motor from 11 to 37 kW ; shredding chambers from 550×600 up to 1300 mm

1K46: proper to handle high volume of material; electric motors from 75 to 110 kW of power ; shredding  chambers from 1200×1630 up to 2170 mm.

1K65: suitable for high throughput thanks to its large dimension; shredding  chambers from 1400×2000 up to 3000 mm; electric motors from 132 to 250 kW.

The single shaft shredders, unlike the two-shaft model , lend themselves to obtain, for the same volumes of treated material, a smaller and granulated size, difficult to be obtained with a two-shaft shredder unless with a second step of shredding . This thanks to the screens that selects the final size of the materials. Furthermore, the high speed of the rotor allows to achieve high throughputs.

With this range of single shaft shredders, and with its consolidated models with two, three and four-shaft, SatrindTech answers to all shredding problems of its customers in the treatment and recycling of waste, ensuring the products quality thanks to its know-how and experience.

Author: SatrindTech

Design, production, installation and servicing of industrial shredders, grinders, crushers and waste treatment and recycling plants.

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