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The importance of the Internet in the business: let’s be found out!

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It’s true that in recent years Internet has become more and more important in our daily lives, as well as in our work and in business in general. Especially at work, little or much we believe in it, at least to be found, Internet has become an essential tool. This is the problem, to be found!

The problem is exactly that, to be found in the millions of pages that search engines index periodically in their databases, and above all to be in the first two pages of search queries. In other words, when I search a shredder, for example, all producers in the sector  would like to be at the top or at least on the first page. Because, if seeking in Google a shredder, the result will return approximately 22.4 million results! With Yahoo! are 3,430,000 results and a little less with Bing so to speak. So what?

There are several aspects to do in order to improve the own visibility and for simplicity we include all these ones  in the term SEO, short for Search Engine Optimization. This practice includes a range of activities that a good webmaster should consider since the beginning of the construction of a website and then to promote it. I will mention a few:

  • appropriate domain name of the website (see Note 1)
  • HTML W3C compliance and proper use of tags and meta tags in SEO perspective
  • contents of the site suitable, relevant and high quality
  • use of webmaster tools of the major search engines
  • don’t underestimate the links to their own pages business social network
  • marketing campaigns Adwords pay-per-click targeted
  • use of landing pages

There are still other aspects and the subject is complex , moreover Internet is always changing very quickly. We believe and we will work to ensure that our website will be more easily found and this is the advice we would like to give all our business partners. But it is important to turn to the serious webmaster professionals from the beginning and this is the way we have chosen, because many SEO campaigns offer amazing ones with uncertain results.

(Note 1) Domain names – the domain names, the name that identifies the organization on Internet, for example, it would be enough to write a chapter. We introduce two aspects:

  • normally the domain name is the same as the name of the company, however, are advantaged in the SEO domain names where there is a direct reference to the product that you want to offer, such as and this should be taken into consideration when choosing the name of your website;
  • anyone can register but it is worth considering that the registration of a domain can occur in sensitive issues such as the registration of the trademark, intellectual property or trade agreements between the partners; therefore we advise our business partners, before registering a domain name, to advertise our products, to consult us to determine the correct name together.

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Design, production, installation and servicing of industrial shredders, grinders, crushers and waste treatment and recycling plants.

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